Today I hit double digits!! I hit the ten-mile mark in my running “career” 🙂 Man it sucked though, if I’m being honest. My inner thighs, butt, and chest were already tight from a new class I tried at the gym on Wednesday. At the end of this run, my ass hurt so bad–I tried flexing it a couple of times and couldn’t feel a thing, it was that bad.

My pace was a little disappointing, at 13:25/mile average. My first five miles were around my normal pace of 12:00/mile. But my energy was drained. I burned nearly twice as many calories during as I’d consumed before the run. That’s why I don’t really like the morning run. But I need to get used to that because the half-marathon begins at 7am!! Anyways, I could feel myself barely making it to that mark. I felt like I was dragging myself across the line. I guess I really need to look into how to fuel up for a LONG early morning run.


But at least it was pretty outside. The temperature raised 10 degrees while I was out running. And it was sunny 🙂 I’m honestly already slightly dreading my next long run. But it will be worth it!!

This will be a memorable run for a few reasons, though. Not only the 10 miles, but the surroundings. On the trail, in the morning, all my senses were overwhelmed. I smelled the faint smell of a far-off dairy farm; I heard roosters crowing and wood-peckers pecking, along with lots of other spring birds; and I saw a racoon and a deer, in two different instances, both of which freaked me out. Wouldn’t a deer leaping across your path, even 50 feet ahead, when you weren’t expecting it freak you out?!


One thought on “10 MILE-MARK!!

  1. Congratulations! That’s a HUGE milestone!

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