my time without pop

Last summer, I gave up pop. Since my decision was so close to the middle of the year, July began my time without it. It was pretty easy to give up, which really surprised me. Pop was a daily thing for me before I gave it up. It wasn’t for the caffeine, but for the sugar. I replaced it here and there with some Crystal Light, until I realized that drinks shouldn’t come from powder–can’t be too healthy. Even now, I do have a juicebox a day with lunch. But that’s really the only calories I drink a day. Despite my milk on my morning cereal.

Anyways, I did the math about a month ago. Then I forgot to make a post for it. Based on the pop I gave up–which was roughly a can a day, except with fast food, when it’d be a 32-oz, once a week–I have decreased my intake of sugar by 34 pounds from July 2012-February2013. Yeah, by cutting out pop, I’ve consumed SEVEN 5-lb bags of sugar (34 pounds total) less than when I drank pop regularly.

sugar from pop july 2012 to 2-24-13


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