weekly dish {3/24/2013}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgWEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS
New Longest Distance: 9.05 miles (1:56:06)

Weight Down to What it Was 10-ish Years Ago: 135 lbs.

This week seriously just flew by. There’s something about having a full week of work and working out so often and prepping for our upcoming trip to DC that has made it fly by. Not that I’m complaining about that at all. Who wouldn’t want time to fly by if you’re looking forward to something, right? We got some staff shirts at work, which have a variation of the logo on the right. One of the kids was out sick most of the week, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easier. That disruption in routine can throw the other kids off, just making them that much harder to handle. On another note, I know froyo isn’t all that bad for you, but I’ve had it twice this week! With different people. But I’m sure the allowance that I have (we set us both up with a monthly allowance for budgeting purposes), will come in handy to make sure I don’t go crazy with the froyo…

I was pretty good with my exercise this week. I did spin on Monday and step on Wednesday, as I normally do. Last Sunday (which I mentioned in last week’s post), Tuesday, and Friday I ran, trying to work on my half-marathon “training”. I think maybe I should do my own little section in these posts devoted to half-marathon prep…

Half-Marathon “Training”
I plan on running at least 3 times a week. I don’t have a set schedule as far as days go, since the weather is still a bit unpredictable–we’re supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow night and into Monday morning, but it should be in the mid-40s on Tuesday 😕 So I guess I’ll just go with Days 1, 2, & 3. I ran 4.24 (mentioned last week), 6.46, and 9.05 miles, respectively. So next week, my longest run will be for 10 miles, hopefully.

imageimageThis is still exercise for the week, but since I have pictures, I thought I’d mention it separately. Some of my best friends are on healthy journeys of their own. Since all the stars aligned–we were all in the area and all free of work and other obligations–we went for a walk/jog on the river, out to Pita Pit for dinner, and to the new yogurt place I just mentioned a couple of posts ago. That’s us, me on the left, then J & A.

This Past Week’s Cooking

On the Menu

I’m lame and haven’t planned anything for this week 😦 And the house is in need of a good cleaning, so I honestly don’t know if I will spend much time cooking because of that.


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