new longest run—9-mile mark!

I realize that, as I’m training for the purpose of getting a distance that’s still a few miles down the road, there will be many “firsts” or accomplishments for my long runs. I will try not to make a new post for every new longest distance. But it has been nearly 6 months since my previous longest distance of 8.32 miles, so I figured why not?!

I had my route all planned out for my run today, thinking it’d put me somewhere between 8-8.5 miles. All I wanted to do was beat my previous best distance. But I checked at my halfway point to find that MapMyRun said I was 4.42 miles–that’d put the whole run at 8.84. That was much too close to 9 miles to not go for it. And since it’s the trail, I had the ability to go just that tad bit farther and get that mileage. This is super awesome because I hadn’t planned to do 9 miles til my last run of next week. I’m a week ahead of my training plan 🙂

Oh, and the best part isn’t exactly the 9 miles. I ran 9.05 miles in 1:56:06 today. About six months ago I ran 8.32 in 2:09:58. I really am ecstatic about this 😀

trail sunset


One thought on “new longest run—9-mile mark!

  1. Congratulations! I am training for my first half marathon in June and then will pick up training for my full in October. I cannot wait to hit new highs for mileage! Right now my farthest run is 9 miles as well.

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