proof of my general dislike of treadmills

I think I’ve mentioned before how I dislike treadmills. At least for running, that is. (I don’t mind walking quickly on an incline, so it really just is the running.) They’re good to get my speed up, but I get bored so quickly. I seriously am bored to tears if I try to run longer than a couple miles on it, which is less than half an hour!!

Anyways…yesterday, I did not have a choice of whether to run or not. With the half-marathon sneaking up on me, I really need to start working on getting to that 13-mile goal. So I knew I was going to run yesterday. My options were A) the treadmill at the gym or B) outside on the trail in 32-degree weather with wind blowing perpendicular to me at 30 mph. I chose B! It was really no question. With the plan to run 6 MILES there was no way I could do it on a treadmill 😦 So I braved the temperature–which is actually a temperature I feel comfortable running in–and the wind–this I could’ve done without–to get to my goal. I think that 32 degrees and 30 mph wind is a pretty good sign that I dislike running on treadmills, don’t you? 

Wish me luck on my 8-mile run tomorrow! It should be in the low-30s (okay), flurrying (okay, as long as flurries from earlier in the day aren’t sticking), and wind of about 15 mph (well, at least that’s an improvement!)


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