weekly dish {3/10/2013}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgWhat a long week this has been. As usual, it’s hard for me to figure out what exactly made it seem so long. I had a “regular” week at work, which is odd. It shouldn’t be that a regular week where there’s nothing going on and every day runs as it should would come so irregularly. But that’s how it goes for me! I went to this frozen yogurt place with a friend on Tuesday; it was DELISH! It’s a serve yourself place, like one Nick and I visited in Cleveland with some friends in January. This place, called Lola’s, had some great options. What I ended up getting was half peanut butter and half chocolate–it was so great! Then I had a dentist appointment Wednesday. These were the highlights of my week. *Amazing, right?* Oh, well, Nick and I bought a washer and dryer today, so that actually is good news! We’ve been in the house for 5 years and haven’t had it yet πŸ™‚


As far as working out goes, I felt really unmotivated this week. Strange, due to the fact that I just wrote about how motivating it was to me that I have a ton of clothes that are too big. I did go to spin on Monday and step on Wednesday, but I pretty much skipped out on working out the rest of the week. I had a half-assed attempt at some yoga at home–but it lasted only 20 minutes til I got bored. I did Zumba at home, though. This weekend, I’ve gotten back on track. Yesterday (Saturday), I started my day with a step and tone class at the gym; I went for a short 2-mile run with a friend in the afternoon; and then I went bowling in the evening πŸ™‚ Then today, I decided to ride my bike into town. That wouldn’t exactly seem like a big feat or anything, but I live 10 miles out in the country. I used the trail I run on to get there. While in town I went to the library to get some books about gardening (veggies and flowers, it’s time to landscape!). I also got some froyo–butterscotch, yummy! Then I rode home–22 miles on the bike in all :O

This Past Week’s Cooking

I also made up some meatloaf last Sunday and I’m almost done with the leftovers. It keeps well and I don’t want to eat too much of it at a time. That egg salad I made was pretty tasty, but I added in some mustard for some flavor.

On the Menu

Again, I have no real plans for this week. I was just too busy not working out after work to come up with anything to make this week. My mother-in-law gave us eggs “because they were cheap”. She couldn’t have known we already had the same amount of eggs–so now I have 4 dozen eggs. I guess I’ll make up some more egg salad πŸ™‚



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