weekly dish {3/3/2013}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgThis week was the first full week I’ve had in a long time. Either we’ve had a day off for the weather or a field trip or a kid’s birthday. The work week felt really long due to that, I guess. I really haven’t done much this week aside from work, the gym, and coming home and vegging out on the couch. I did spin on Monday, step on Wednesday and Saturday, and random stuff at the gym the other days of the week.

I think that the one productive thing I’ve done this week has been to book our hotel for our trip to DC at the end of the month. We’re going to celebrate our 10th anniversary (not wedding anniversary, that’s only just past 2 years). Neither of us has ever been there, so I’m really getting excited 🙂 (I have no idea how excited Nick is, probably not that much honestly haha)

This Past Week’s Cooking

I made a BBQ chicken pita pizza last night for dinner, and I made baked french fries today. But these aren’t anything new, so I didn’t make up posts about them. They were spur of the moment decisions.

On the Menu

I didn’t get around to the Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt this past week, but I’m planning on making sure I get to it, possibly even tonight 🙂 I’m just finishing my leftovers from last week and I’m ready to just have some comfort food. Meatloaf is something I would LOVE to eat all week, so I’m going to be doing that. It’s not completely unhealthy, but I refuse to compromise its integrity by switching out the ground beef for ground turkey. I am also going to make up some noodles with alfredo. I’ve also been in the mood to try a healthy recipe for Egg Salad I found on Pinterest–it uses Greek yogurt, instead of all that mayo, so it’s healthier.


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