home-made {27} dilly onion dinner rolls; spiced sweet potato biscuits

Yesterday, I was in charge of bringing the bread to a family dinner. After teasing one of my brothers-in-law about how I was making “fancy” rolls and biscuits, I realized I do with bread what my mother-in-law does with salad. She’s always making something fancy out of her salads, none of the regular vegetables and dressings (not that I care, I don’t eat salad anyways). But I do make lots of stuff that is deemed “weird” by my family, meaning different. Many of my family members are stuck on the staple dishes we always have at big family gatherings. More often than not, things such as deviled eggs and coleslaw are at every large family gathering. I love those things, but I am also willing to be the weird one to introduce new things…someone has to do it! I’m all for tradition, but I’m also for trying new stuff to make new traditions. Anyways, now that my rant is over… I made one item I’ve made before, the Dilly Onion Dinner Rolls (Thanksgiving 2010) and one item I’ve not tried, the Spiced Sweet Potato Biscuits. Both are great!! And various family members liked one, the other, or both πŸ™‚

First things first…

Dilly Onion Dinner Rolls


I got this recipe from the Taste of Home magazine a few years ago. I have only made them once and not many people tried them. But I liked them, so I tried them again and got great reviews. Here’s the recipe:


If you can’t read the words, this link will take you to the recipe: Dilly Onion Dinner Rolls.

Spiced Sweet Potato Biscuits


This recipe is brand new to me. It was in an insert about breads from an Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine (I think June or July). I had sweet potatoes, so it was like a sign πŸ™‚ These are SOOO good. I even have a sweet potato left and plan on making more, since Nick (and I) was sad they were all gone.


Again, here’s a link to the recipe: Spiced Sweet Potato Biscuits.

My Adaptations
In both recipes, I used whole wheat flour. For the rolls, I used a mini-muffin tin, so I yielded about 30–at 45 calories a mini-roll. (With the rolls, I didn’t follow the directions on how to arrange them–rolled them in two little balls and stuck them in the tin.) Also, with the biscuits, I just rolled and flattened out the dough. My particular biscuit cutter wasn’t working because I couldn’t get the dough out of the cutter πŸ™‚ But they worked out okay!


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