trying something new {3} chinese food & papaya

This past weekend, Nick and I used a giftcard to PF Chang’s that we’ve had for about a year. I am not a big fan of Asian cuisine, which I claim whilst having no real experience with the food 😕 But my tastes have changed the past few years, so I gave it a shot. I ordered Dan Dan noodles, which are spicy, with ground chicken (I ordered it without scallions–not a seafood person, and that’s from experience). It looked a bit like this, though it’s not my own picture:

The verdict was: okay, but not something I’d have again. (Nick is eating these leftovers.)

I also thought the steamed lemongrass chicken dumplings were okay (again, not my picture):

I did find some things I liked, though! Interestingly enough, it was what Nick ordered–Sweet and Sour Pork/Chicken:

And I actually enjoyed the fortune cookie. They don’t really have a smell, so I decided to try it and see how they tasted. Then I proceeded to say, “It tastes like a cookie!” to which Nick replied, “That’s why it’s a fortune COOKIE.” (Then I had a mild heart attack because I’m not eating sweets and realized it’s called a cookie! But I think everything’s okay. It’s not like any regular “American” cookies with chocolate, candy, or creme. And it was pretty much a one time thing, knowing it’ll be a while before Nick and I finish off that PF Chang’s giftcard…)

On another note, I tried papaya over the weekend as well. I have to say, I wasn’t a big fan. It has a weird texture, sort of like a tough pear. And the taste is pretty much non-existant, though what I could taste was melon-like. It was hardly sweet. It’s possible that I just didn’t have a good papaya, seeing as it was about a week old and I am not one to know what a regular papaya taste is. So I’ll probably try it again someday…


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