fat tuesday = paczkis

So, it’s Fat Tuesday. I fully intend to stay fairly fit on Fat Tuesday. But there’s just one thingu in my way: that tasty apple cinnamon paczki from the local bakery. I will indulge in this one delicious pastry today. I have done well with food and exercise lately, so I feel I deserve this calorie-filled breakfast item 🙂 I actually bought a “round” of paczkis for the teacher and other paras in my classroom. Except one para is doing a cleanse and another para didn’t want one. So really, I just got a few paczkis, but I had to order them in advance. Last year, I stopped at the bakery to get one and, at 7am (when they open at 6am), there were only two kinds left!! This way I was guaranteed my apple cinnamon paczki 😀


Doesn’t it look scrumptious?!

And Fat Tuesday means that Lent begins tomorrow. I’m no Catholic, nor a religious person for that matter. But I often give up something for Lent, just for kicks. And I had a heck of a time thinking of a food to give up this year. I feel like I eat pretty healthy, so there’s not much in the way of food to give up. I already don’t consume fast food, pop, or dessert/sweets (except the occasional donut, like today). What’s left? There are a few things I eat often, like apples (I really eat one a day) or pita pizzas of various sorts (and those are healthy! I’m not willing to give up all processed foods for 40 days and clean eat–it’s just too long, and it can be expensive to clean eat. Anyways, what I decided on giving up is this:


Yup, those are fruit and grain bars. I eat about one of these a day, too, sort of to hit my sweet-tooth. But I am willing to give them up, because they aren’t the best, though not completely unhealthy either. Instead I’ll try to keep more fresh fruit in the house, which I love anyways. The fruit and grain bars just don’t go bad as quickly as fresh fruit, so I think that’s why they’ve become a staple for me.


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