january 2013 {monthly wrap-up}

imageRecipes Tried

Working Out

This month, I went to the gym fairly regularly. I conquered my fear of running on the treadmill this month, which is great. It has already helped me with my pace, allowing me to run 5.5 miles at 5 mph (that’s fast for me). I raised my step during my step class at the gym, by about 2 inches, this month, and I experimented a little with some strength training (at the gym and at home, doing a workout with Nick…together). I think I’d like to be stronger, so I might just have to focus a little more on that in February.


  • Beginning Weight: 144.5
  • Ending Weight: 140.5
  • # of Days I Worked Out: 22
  • # of Days I Was Under Calorie Goal: 28*

*I love lists. That picture is proof of that. It’s a way I make a list, keeping track of lots of stuff. I don’t really know why I do it–I honestly exercise for the health-benefits. My goal is more for being able to run those 13.1 miles at the end of April than to “lose weight”. I just look at weight-loss as a nice side-effect of running and working out. But yet I keep track of calories. I think it’s just because of my list-obsession; I keep records, list-form or not, evidenced by the fact that I’ve journaled for over half of my life. So, I buy a small Audrey Hepburn calendar at the beginning of the year. It has to be Audrey, she is my role model and has been for probably 15 years or more (ever since I saw My Fair Lady). I try to stay under the allotted calories for me before I workout, just in case I don’t get to it. (By the way, days highlighted in blue are the best days–glad to see I had a majority of those 🙂 ) Oh, and I added some motivational pics and an Audrey quote…


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