weekly dish {2/3/2013}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgThis past week has been a bit weird. We had two 2-hour delays because of weather, one 2-hour delay schedule for a inservice in the morning, and finally two regular days to end the week. The kids in the classroom can get a little behavioral when routines change so much, but they’ve been bearing it pretty well, the troopers πŸ™‚ I did take off a day of work–it was the first time I’ve ever got a paid day off! I’ve never had a job when that was an option–don’t show up, don’t get paid, that’s how my previous jobs worked. We have a problem with our heat pump at the house, so I had to stay home for the whole day to deal with a guy coming to look at it (he didn’t even show up til 3pm, which made me mad!) At least we’ll get that fixed.

Obviously, work wasn’t all I did this week. In fact, my week started off pretty awesome with a 5.5-mile run during which I kept a 5 mph pace. I’ve never ran so fast for so long. Those long boring treadmill runs have paid off in pace, I guess. (I guess I should mention this run was outside, on the trail. So my pace was all up to me.) I also bumped up my step during my “Step & Sculpt” class at the gym this week–I honestly couldn’t believe that the extra two inches in height could make it that much harder! Friday I participated in a Zumbathon, during which I Zumba-ed for 2.5 hours!! It was an amazing experience. Yesterday, I had another first, which was working out at home with Nick together. We’ve never done anything like that together, but I didn’t go to the gym and I was moral support while we did the P90x (Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper). A lot of firsts for me πŸ˜€

This Past Week’s Cooking

Sunday night, I attempted to make a buffalo chicken egg-roll. It failed miserably. That shouldn’t be a surprise, considering I have no idea how to wrap an egg-roll. This is what it looked like:


It still tasted great. But until I master the art of egg-roll wrapping, these ingredients will stay nicely atop a pita πŸ™‚ (Maybe wrapped in a tortilla or flatbread…) Since I was so curious, here’s a video of how to roll an egg roll, in case anyone else is interested πŸ™‚

I did make sloppy joes as promised, but that was nothing special. I tried the PB-Banana Roll-Up idea and it was really good. Was good for lunch, but would also be great for a pre-/post-exercise snack. I did not end up making any Fresh Take chicken 😦 Until this afternoon that is, and it’ll be more of a leftover during the week. So I’ll talk about it next week.

On the Menu

I’m too busy today, making food for Super Bowl 47, to make much for the week. Aside from some turkey tacos and salsa and chips, I’m trying out these new appetizers:

I’ll let you know how the new appetizers go over. I’m mostly excited about these because they use pretty typical ingredients, except perhaps a can of jalapenos. A lot of people would probably have most of these ingredients on hand.


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