Zumbathon 2013


Yesterday I partook in my first ever Zumbathon. It was also the first time I’ve done Zumba in a group setting–usually I just do it at home with the DVDs, if at all. It wad so fun!! My co-worker, E, and I signed up for it a month or so ago. It was a fundraiser for a regional support group that works with children with apraxia, a speech disorder. We Zumba-ed for five 30-minute sessions!! A couple of the instructors were awesome, others not so much. Oddly enough, my favorite two were ones I could see. With 200-some people in the gym, it was a little hard to see some instructors for all the other dancers. This one dancer, a guy, kept almost knocking me out. He was way into it and not mirroring the instructor so he’d go right when I went left. Stayed away from him after that session šŸ™‚ It was a really fun time it didn’t feel at all like two and a half hours of exercise!


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