13 weeks ’til 13 miles


As of yesterday, I have 13 weeks to finish preparing for my 13.1-mile half marathon. I admit I haven’t really trained for it in any way other than just running. The farthest distance I’ve yet run is just over 8 miles. Having that mark has me convinced I shouldn’t have a problem getting 13 miles. How fast I will be able to finish is another story.

But I’m going to attempt seriously working for the event. Firstly, I will work on my speed and distance–I plan to adds a mile every week until 13, then I will work more on speed at that distance. I’m not fooling myself into thinking I’ll make a great placement–at my first and, so far only, 5K I came in dead last of about 40 people. But a personal best time for me. I just want to finish 🙂


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