weekly dish {1/27/2013}

wpid-weekly-dish.jpgThis past week was cold. So cold that I had a two-hour delay on Tuesday because the school buses wouldn’t start, despite the heaters. Wednesday was pretty much just as cold–all of the three school districts I drive through to get to work were delayed again that day, though mine wasn’t 😕 (It’s okay, I get paid hourly, so a delay isn’t as great now as when I was a student haha) Thankfully, we had a new garage door installed on Tuesday, “given” to us by my in-laws as a Christmas present. The old door only had the button in the garage, so we had get in and out of the car to open/shut it. Now we have remotes 🙂 (I know, I’m lucky to even have a garage, why am I complaining about getting in and out of the car when I don’t have to scrape it off or anything? But I am very glad to have an easier time when it’s really cold…) Nick went snowboarding again yesterday, this time with his brother. His brother had a hard time of it, first forgetting his boots and having to rent, then his bindings broke 😦 But it’s better luck than a few years ago, when he suffered a slightly major head injury while boarding! I stayed at home and FINALLY put away the Christmas tree and other decorations. It wasn’t up for any reason other than I was too lazy to take it down (last year, Christmas stuff was put away the day after Christmas, so I clearly have no qualms about taking it down soon after).

I have been pretty good with exercising this week! I’ve done something everyday since Tuesday, even yesterday. I tend to not work out on the weekends, mostly because I don’t like exercising at home and I don’t seem to get up the motivation to drive the 15 minutes to the gym (during the week, I pass it on my way home, so it’s no big deal). Yesterday I even played around in the weight area at the gym–went with some friends. About 4pm during the week, that place is crawling with big sweaty, intimidating-looking men; 10am on a Saturday, not so much. I didn’t do much strength training “seriously”, but just tried some of the stuff out. I know it would be good for my running if I did some strength training. But I guess I fear when I quit the gym in the spring, when it’s nice enough to run outside again, I will lose the muscle–especially if I do work on my upper body, since we don’t have anything other than dumbbells at home. Is that a rational concern? Or am I just making excuses for not doing it? (But trust me, sometimes I’d much rather work on muscles than my heart–feels so much easier, at the time of the exercise, energy-wise.)

This Past Week’s Cooking

Not much to report. I’m honestly still just finishing off leftovers from the week before last. Made a few pita pizzas, but that’s nothing new–I make probably a minimum of 2 every week, of one sort or another.

On the Menu

I’ve already made something sweet for myself this morning. I find myself making muffins more often these days. I guess I trick myself into feeling that they’re like cupcakes. But they really are healthier muffins, as they’re home made. Anyways, I’ve already made some Strawberry Shortcake Muffins, a recipe I found on Pinterest from Dashing Dish. I’m going to rename them, though, as I don’t think that’s a very accurate name. I’m going to call them Oats ‘n Yogurt Muffins (I will have a post about them up tomorrow; hopefully I’ll remember to come back here and add a link!) They’re mostly made of old fashioned oats, plain Greek yogurt, and fruit. The recipe calls for strawberries, but I made half the recipe with blueberries–and a couple muffins with both! But I can see how easy it’d be to make them with different fruit, like bananas, apples, cranberries, raisins, even cherries 🙂 Anyways, I’ve only tried the strawberry one, but it was really good!


I’m also planning on making some sloppy joes–nothing fancy there, just ground beef and Manwich sauce from the can. I also have a couple of those Kraft Fresh Take pouches–Cheddar Jack & Bacon and Smoky Mesquite BBQ. (If you haven’t seen them before, it’s basically a pouch of shredded cheese and a pouch of breadcrumbs & spices to mix together and coat meat with, usually chicken, fish or pork.) So I’ll probably use one of those with some chicken breasts. My hardest thing is coming up with a meal. Like if I make the Cheddar Jack & Bacon chicken, what would be a good side with it? What would go well with it? We’ll have to see what I can come up with. I also saw this idea on Pinterest to flatten out a piece of bread, spread it with peanut butter, then roll that up around a banana. Since I do like eating a PB sandwich alongside a banana (though I’ve never put the banana directly on the sandwich), and I have some flatbread, I might try this Banana Peanut Butter Roll-Up for a lunch sometime this week. Next Sunday is the Super Bowl, so I’ll probably have a few appetizers for you in next week’s Weekly Dish 🙂

I hope you all have a great week!


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