home-made {17} “chunky” pot pies


I’m trying to use up stuff I’ve had in my pantry for a long time. So today I found a couple different Chunky soups (by Campbell). I’ve also had refrigerated biscuits and crescent rolls I’ve been wanting to use. On a whim, I decided to make a kind of pot pie with these ingredients. I took a “jumbo” biscuit and pulled it in half. I spread half of it in the bottom of an 8 oz. cooking dish, poured in about a fourth of a can of Chunky–in this case, I used Savory Chicken and Rice–which I thickened with some flour. I topped it with the other half of the biscuit, which I rolled out to stretch across the top. I baked them at 375 for about 12 minutes, basically until the biscuit looked crispy. It was so easy to do. And I made four of them, so they make excellent sized portions 🙂 And, if you’re interested in it, it’s about 250 calories.


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