weekly dish {1/6/2013}

weekly dishThis past week my biggest accomplishment is that I finally ran on the treadmill! I just pictured myself falling and getting shot off the thing, but I just walked as fast as I could for a minute then upped the speed and started jogging. Other than that, the week was pretty normal. I trust you all had a great new year. Nick and I finally finished adding insulation in our attic on New Year’s Eve and spent the rest of our night just sitting on the couch and watching TV. It was nice, after that project, to just relax. We just spent the weekend in Columbus with my dad’s family for Christmas. It’s the first time we’ve had Christmas so near to the actual date of Christmas, it was sort of strange 🙂 But it was great to see them and catch up.

This Past Week’s Cooking

I’m an utter failure. I didn’t make either Beef Stroganoff or the Honey Garlic Chicken 😦 I have never fried anything, which the chicken called for, and I didn’t want to try it, honestly. So I used the chicken and made some tacos. I’ve never had Chicken Tacos before, but the seasoning made it taste the same as if it had been beef. And the chicken is healthier. I meant to make the stroganoff, but when I got the beef out of the freezer, it was bad. So that was a simple conclusion. I did make something I hadn’t quite planned on: Mint Chip Cookies. You use a chocolate chip recipe, substitute mint for vanilla, add green food coloring (that’s completely optional), and use creme de menthe pieces in lieu of chocolate chips. They are amazing! I made them last Christmas, so I know. I still haven’t had any sweets (113 days).

On the Menu

Due to my complete failure this past week, I’m not planning anything. Maybe if I don’t plan anything, I’ll actually make something 🙂


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