weekly dish: new year’s eve edition {12/31/2012}

weekly dish

I know these are supposed to be a Sunday post, but I was incredibly busy yesterday and why not make it a special NYE edition post.

This past week has not been fun. Nick and I received a HUGE electric bill the week before, so we have been prepping and then adding insulation in the attic since Wednesday. Before that started, though, we had Christmas. It was good, but an exhausting day. Nick and I have already decided to start doing his family on Christmas Eve and my family on Christmas starting next year. I really have lost my Christmas spirit the past few Christmases, trying to do 2-3 Christmases in a single day. I did have a good time spending some time at the daycare at which I used to work since I’m off until Thursday for Christmas break. I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and I hope you have a fun New Year! (Nick and I are currently watching a movie. After all our housework, who knows if we will even be awake at midnight 😕 )

This Past Week’s Cooking

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole
    Not really a chicken cordon bleu taste, but good in its own right
  • Cinnamon Streusel Cake
    Pretty good, but I have a feeling it would’ve tasted a lot better if I’d used brown sugar instead of molasses and stevia mixed together–the molasses was a very potent ingredient!

On the Menu

Since most of my week was pretty busy, I didn’t make half of what I’d planned. So I will be making Beef Stroganoff and Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken.

Where the Year’s End is Concerned…

I can’t exactly comprehend all that this year has brought. There has been so much good-ness in 2012. Nick and I bought a house–concerning the house, we have: put on a new roof, put insulation in the attic, painted, laid new floors, had a bathroom flood, had a stove that almost caught the house on fire (which we didn’t know until we pulled it away from the wall), and I’ve learned how to do some very simple electrical work. I’ve gained two brothers-in-law and lost my grandpa. Nick bought a new truck. I left my job at a daycare for substituting which led to a full time paraprofessional job.

But what amazes me most is the changes I’ve made concerning my health. I started running in April and ran my first 5K in June. If you’d have told me in January 2012 that I’d: be able to run 8 miles, have had no fast food for a year, had no pop for 6 months, and had no sweets for 107 days by the end of the year, I would never have believed you. I exercise regularly. It really has been a great lifestyle change. I don’t diet. I have changed my eating habits and I feel so much better. In order to celebrate my healthier life and to help me prepare for my half marathon at the end of April 2013, I spent some Christmas money on some new running shoes. I have a feeling these shoes will make it a bit easier on the balls of my feet. So I’ve got some new Brooks Glycerin 10 shoes. Oh, and I bought a new gym bag which is better suited for my needs–my gym doesn’t allow overnight locker use, so I need something to keep my stuff organized and always ready to go 🙂

image image


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