dessert deserter

Today is my 100th day without dessert! 

I can’t believe it. I never would have thought it’d be possible for me, seeing as I have a very large sweet tooth. I’m not trying to get any specific amount of time without sweets, but rather just seeing how long I can go. What is even more surprising is that I still rarely have cravings for sweets! That just makes me super excited 😀

As a result of cutting out the sweets, I know exactly where they go on my body when I do eat them: my outer hips. I know this because I didn’t exercise much of November and I also didn’t eat any sweets. If I’d been eating sweets and not working out, my hips would’ve filled out. But they didn’t. So I’m pretty sure that’s where they go. I love knowing that even if I falter with my exercise, I know at least that part of my body isn’t going to show the change much 😛



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