weekly dish {12/23/2012}

I already decided to put my three major topics in a different order than I mentioned last week. First off, we’ll start with how my week went.

This past week was really nice. I’m feeling more comfortable at my new job and I got to have a Christmas party Friday with the kids and most of their moms. It was nice to meet some of the parents! I am proud to say that I have worked out everyday for the past 8 days! I ran (outside) Sunday, Tuesday, and today. The weather has been cold–30s or 40s–but the wind has held off some days, so I can run with no problem. That means I haven’t run on the treadmill yet. But it can’t stay this “warm” forever 🙂 Nick and I had a Christmas with his family yesterday in Columbus. I’m very excited to spend Christmas morning with my family, especially to see my nephew’s reaction to his awesome toy. Today, we celebrated with more of Nick’s family for his cousin’s baby’s baptism. There are 7 little girls in his family, all under the age of 4, and I love getting to see them!

This Past Week’s Cooking
(Obviously this isn’t the only food I ate this week, but the only big meal I did)

  • Lasagna Cups (the link is to my post about the meal)
    These were pretty good, but the assembly was very involved. I recommend just using the recipe and making a regular lasagna 🙂

On the Menu
(click on photos for links to original recipes)

Cinnamon Streusel Cake

I’m making this for breakfast with my family on Christmas morning. I’ll be making a few healthy substitutions, like whole wheat flour and plain Greek yogurt for flour and sour cream.

I’m a big chicken cordon bleu fan, but it can be time consuming to make. So I’m really excited to try this. I need to try making more casseroles because they are easy to make and make for good leftovers.

Beef Stroganoff

Just sounded yummy and warm!

Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken Breasts

I love chicken! Time to try it in a way I’ve never had it 🙂


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