weekly dish {12/16/2012}

weekly dishNew idea! As eating is part of being healthier (obviously), I will try to plan more of my meals. I am pretty sure that when you plan your meals, you’re less likely to eat unhealthier food. I will write about the meals I plan to cook, including links to recipes and where I found them. I’m planning on making three meals a week, some of which I’ll make ahead of time (like today) so I can reheat them when I don’t have the time to make them completely. If I keep going to the gym most week days right after work, I get home around 5pm, and I usually eat around that time. So, for instance, I’ll make lasagna tomorrow instead of waiting until Monday night.
***Just to note, I’m not making specifically “healthy” food, although that will be my goal. Homemade lasagna is better than me choosing a frozen Lean Cuisine, isn’t it?

I’ll include a mini-review of the previous week’s meals–this will be very direct, as I do write up those “home-made” posts about individual recipes I try, so I will link back to them.

A brief summary of the week will be at the end, not specifically just about the food. About the exercise I did and just general life.

On the Menu

Lasagna Cups

I got this recipe from Pinterest (from which you’ll find most of my ideas come). (Click here for original site.) Yes, I know. Why make it so complicated?! Just make a regular lasagna. But I like this idea because it shouldn’t take much longer and it portions the lasagna for me!

Cauliflower-Crusted Pizza

This is a specifically healthy recipe I want to try. I also found this recipe from Pinterest (click here for original site). I haven’t tried cauliflower in a long time and the last time I had it I seriously wanted to barf. My palate is expanding, so I wanted to try it again, and since this is a way to incorporate it into something I love 🙂

I also plan on making run of the mill tacos. No healthy substitutions. Ground beef. But with whole wheat tortillas–Nick and I love them!

Last Week’s Eats

The only thing interesting and new I made last week were the protein “cookies” I baked. I do like them, but will try a change next time I make them. Here’s my home-made {14} protein cookies post.

Last Week’s News

I finally joined the gym I was trying out. Tried their spinning class, which I liked, and did their step class again. I chickened out on trying the treadmill for running.  😦 I PROMISE I will try it Tuesday (spinning is Monday).

On another note, a coworker told me about a local Zumbathon to support a North West Ohio Apraxia organization. We’ll both be participating in it, in February. I’m going to try to partake in all 5 30-minute sessions! I haven’t done Zumba in a class, only at home with the DVDs. So this could be interesting!

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