first trip to a real gym

I haven’t been big on gyms in the past, but I really did enjoy the gym I went to this morning. I’ve been trying to figure out where to go, gym-wise, for the winter. I still plan on running in a half-marathon at the end of April 2013, so I can’t let go of the running for the whole winter, just because I can’t do it outside where I like. I don’t think I’d be going to a gym if it wasn’t for the running, honestly. I know I just said yesterday that I have problems working out at home for some reason, but I bet I could’ve figured it out.

Anyways, this gym was great. It seems very small business, not mega-sized chain. I didn’t mind the only other gym I’ve been to–my university’s rec center–but I’m not a college student anymore. So this gym feels geared more towards adults and families. And by that I mean there are some active elderly people at this gym–half the people I saw this morning had to be upwards of 65. And they’re sort of an inspiration. I mean, if I can get my body working right today, then maybe I can be as active as they are at their age.

I have a few more trial days before I have to decide if I want to join it. And I think it’s a great price–I’d only be using it for a few months, so the $37 it costs a month is nothing compared to some other nearby gyms. There are some classes that I’m going to try before I decide. They’re not super hard classes, just general  step and spin classes, but it would be nice. If I want something super hard, I’ll do Insanity at home 🙂 I’m just glad I might have a winter home for exercising!


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