pita pizza {2} barbeque chicken


After having made the Buffalo Chicken Pita Pizzas for about a year, I realized that one of the pizzas I really like at this one local pizza place is their barbeque chicken pizza. So I tried it out. And it actually tasted pretty great! Same basic recipe as before.

-one pita (I use whole wheat)
-2 tablespoons BBQ sauce
-2 oz. shredded chicken (I use the canned Hormel, it’s always ready)
-any type of shredded cheese you prefer (I used mozzerella for this)

1) Turn on the broiler in your oven (mine is automatically set to 500, and that’s what I leave it at)
2) Spread out some of the BBQ sauce on the pita. Mix shredded chicken with remaining BBQ sauce separately, and then spread out on top.
3) Top with cheese and stick in the oven.
4) Clean up and put away your mess and the pizza will be ready (no more than 5 minutes typically).

I’ve only had this one heated, so I’m not sure how it holds up as a cold pizza. But I’ll be sure to let you know if I try it out!


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