pita pizza {1} buffalo chicken


This meal is something I have pretty much once a week, at the least. I love to use pita bread as a pizza crust, and there are a few types of pizzas I make with them (although I’m going to branch out and try some new recipes). This is buffalo chicken pita pizza–I’ve been loving the buffalo sauce for the past few months 🙂

One of the best things about making pita pizzas is that it takes about five minutes to prep, then you stick it in the oven with the broiler on. In about the time it takes to clean up and put away everything you had out to make the pita pizza, it’s ready to eat!

-one pita (I use whole wheat, but I imagine it won’t affect the taste much to change it)
-2 tablespoons ranch dressing
-2 oz. shredded chicken (I used the canned Hormel, it’s always ready)
-buffalo sauce to taste
-any type of shredded cheese you prefer (I tend to use colby jack)

1) Turn on the broiler in your oven (mine is automatically set to 500, and that’s what I leave it at)
2) Spread out the ranch dressing on the pita. Mix shredded chicken with buffalo sauce separately, and then spread out on top of the ranch.
3) Top with cheese and stick in the oven.
4) Clean up and put away your mess and the pizza will be ready (no more than 5 minutes typically).

This specific recipe holds up really well and it tastes just as good to eat it cold. It makes an excellent in-the-car alternative to fast food. (You just have to make it ahead and keep it cold til it’s time to eat.) It’s not messy when it’s cold–it’s only a little messy when it’s hot because it’s not so solid.


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