8 MILES :0)

I’ve hit the 8-mile mark. Only time will tell if the three blisters I have on my big toe/the balls of my feet were worth it. They don’t hurt too bad, but whenever they pop I’m sure I won’t be walking well, let alone running. I may just take the week off running to let them heal a little–it’d be nice to ride a bike 🙂

There are a couple of photo highlights from my run.

This guy came up to the trail from a country road. Then he basically barreled past me (it’s not hard to pass me, I run slow). And I realized he was barefoot! He wasn’t running with his arms up until right when I took the picture, but I just think this is a once-in-a-lifetime photo op 😀

I found this very appropriate. The light at the end of the tunnel is the end of my 8-mile run. And boy, it couldn’t have come soon enough.


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