that one stretch of my run

imageThere is one stretch of the trail on which I run that I just don’t like.

Here it is.

I know exactly why I dislike this part of the trail. It is the most bare looking, one-mile stretch I use. Lots of the other parts I run on have roads that cross about every half mile or they run through woods so I have a lot to look at. This stretch has fields on both sides, so I have nothing to look at for pretty much 12 minutes and it bores me to death! Luckily I only have to run on this portion during my long runs–I avoid it on my shorter runs when I don’t have to use it, because I don’t like it.

Speaking of running, I was supposed to go today. But I know it’d be a bad idea. I’m not hungry, but I’ve actually only consumed about 400 calories today and I just don’t think that’s going to cut it for an 8 mile run, especially as I last ate 5 hours ago. So I’m putting off my long run for the week until tomorrow–I’ll purposely make sure my lunch is full of carbs and protein. Plus, it’s only 50 and the wind is blowing 25 mph outside!

So instead, it is Zumba for me today. I did a quick Zumba workout–Rush–yesterday. I haven’t done any workouts at home since we moved. And it was sort of weird because after I worked out, I turned the wrong way out of the room into the hallway. I was automatically back at the apartment–it was so funny 🙂 But I’ll do a long Zumba today–I love the two 60-minute workouts, Exhilarate and Ripped.


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