i hate buying pants

I just have to have a little rant.

How is it that in one brand of clothes I can wear a size 4 in pants, but in another brand I can barely fit into a size 13?! I have no qualms about the size numbers–if a 13 is what fits, it is what it is. But those numbers should not be that far away. And when I can find a good fit in the waist, it is typically tight around my butt and thighs because I’ve got a booty. Or the legs are too long because they assume a bigger waist means longer legs, or that’s all I cam assume. At least a lot of brands started making long, regular, and short leg-lengths.

I think there are two possible solutions to this huge problem of crazy ways people size their pants. (Because I know it isn’t just me with this problem.)

Solution #1 (the impossible idea)
All the clothing people need to use one nation-wide standard for pant sizes.

Solution #2 (a remarkably smart and plausible idea)
Size women’s pants the same way men’s pants are sized. This would take women some getting used to, because I know there are people out there who will always feel self conscious about letting people know just how many inches their waist/hips are. But my easiest pants-buying experience was at Forever 21 where at least their skinny jeans were sized like men’s pants–I fit perfectly in the jeans I took off the shelves because they were sized right for me!

There is a movement out there of people of all sizes saying they love who they are and how they look. So stand up for your measurements and ask clothing designers to start sizing women’s pants in the same way as men’s.

I am Kristie. My waist is 34 inches. My ass is 40 inches. My inseam is 30 inches. Make me a pair of pants that fits.


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