my week without sweets

Last weekend, I wrote about how I lack self-control when it comes to sweets. I talked about a new plan to try to cut down my intake of sweets–keep none in the house so I’m not tempted, and then I can have a treat for a week of no sweets. So I tried that this past week.

And I could probably have not chosen a better week to start that little experiment. I was cleaning the house all week and getting small projects tied up and making food because we had a housewarming party yesterday. Since I was so busy, I didn’t even crave any sweets at all. I even had three huge tubs of cookies sitting on the counter for four days before the party and didn’t want any.

I’m not really sure what to do now. I’m honestly a little worried that if I  have something sweet, it will trigger something that will make me want them again. So why mess with a good thing? I have no desire in my body for sweets, but my brain keeps trying to tell my body that it’s allowed to have something. And my body is being stronger than my brain–which usually doesn’t happen. I had so many chances to have sweets the last couple days–party, baby shower–but my body is saying no. And I’m so happy. Maybe my week without sweets can become something longer…


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