trying something new {1} prickly pear

If I’m trying to eat healthier food, I have to broaden my horizons. I figured, what’s better than trying something new from the produce section? I can buy just one of something, so there’s little waste if I don’t end up liking it.

So, while I was walking around the fruit section the other week, I found this.

It’s prickly pear. Which, honestly, made me think of The Jungle Book because Baloo mentions it in his song, Bare Necessities 🙂 Anyways, I did Google the proper way to prep and eat the fruit because I had no idea what part to eat. (By the way, you make a slit in one side that goes in just about half an inch, then pull it open and peel the skin off, a little like a kiwi.) Turns out, the flesh is filled with tons of little seeds. Those seeds are edible, but very hard. And they’re not very small–not like kiwi seeds where it’s pretty easy to ignore them. I tried sucking the flesh off the seeds and spitting them out, but it didn’t go well.

Nick (yeah, he tried it with me) and I concluded that they were pretty bland in taste–pretty watery–and the seeds just made it too hard to make the mediocre taste worthwhile.


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