maybe breakfast is the most important meal of the day…

…especially if one works out in the morning. I went for a run this morning and, just like last time I went in the morning, I didn’t eat breakfast first. And, just like that time, I got this huge cramp in my side. It’s nowhere near my stomach, but I’m beginning to think it’s correlated somehow. I’ve never been a big breakfast person–unless there are pop-tarts, donuts, or pancakes 🙂 I just don’t get hungry until lunch time and I don’t typically need any energizing. I’m not exactly a morning person, but once I’m up, I’m up. (I’m definitely a morning person compared to a stay-up-really-late person though.) But I have run in the morning before and ate a small breakfast first and had no problems. I suppose I should eat breakfast before a morning run because I know I’ll need it while I’m out there. Needless to say, I only ran a mile before that stitch got so bad. And it even hurt the whole mile-long walk back to my car.

I am glad that it’s getting cooler, weather-wise. Fall is my favorite season and it seemed to really skip by us last year. I mean, it went from like 80s to 50s and then 30s, but it didn’t really get cold enough to snow much, which I also love. Anyways, if it’s cooler during the day, that means I can just go from work to run and skip stopping at home first. I prefer to run right after work because I don’t have to wait for a meal to settle, like I would after dinner–and with a husband who comes home at anytime between 5:30-6:30 and it gets too dark by 8:00, that’s not much time to settle and run. Plus, it doesn’t interrupt anything I’m doing at home, like working on house projects. I know that I’m more likely to not make excuses about not running if I go from work to the library to change and then head to the trail. First of all, that’s less gas I have to use in my car because stopping at home is usually out of the way. And secondly, I become instantly lazy and don’t want to go back out again.

Which leads me to another thought. Ever since I started running, I’ve not wanted to do any exercising at home. At my disposal, I have: Insanity, P90x, Zumba, Bollywood-dancing, and Pilates. I used to only work out at home with one of those programs. But I just don’t do them anymore. It’s like if I can’t get in the time to run, I don’t take the time to do anything. Maybe it’s that I love to exercise outside, so those indoor TV-watching programs aren’t what I want. Insanity is the only program we have that I find hard to do–so why not something else? Even Pilates, for crying out loud?! It’s 20 minutes each program and takes so little effort 😕 I’m thinking I will have to change this somehow. Especially when it gets really cold outside. I’m not going to want to run everyday, so that would be a good way to stay more active when I’d want to eat all that Thanksgiving and Christmas food and hibernate.

Well, those are my musings for the day so far…

flowers along the trail


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