funky running mood

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been in sort of a funky mood towards running. I started a new job as a substitute teacher so, in the past two weeks, I only actually worked three days. That was when my weird  mood started. I think I finally figured out why my job-change affected my running so much. I used to work 7-4 every week day and worked on the house in the evenings and on weekends. So running turned into an escape from work and more work–it was my time for me each day. But then I stopped working so much and even our house work slowed down as we are finishing up most projects. I didn’t need my “me time” anymore, so I didn’t feel like running. And trust me, I wasn’t doing a whole lot of important work at home to try to escape from.

Yeah, I could say that it was raining on half of my free mornings or it was too hot. But I honestly just didn’t feel like running. That’s not good since I just registered for the Glass City Half Marathon at the end of April–I need to run 7 more miles than my longest run to date, so I should be “training”. As I like to make lists, I think perhaps I’ll sort of make a schedule for myself for my days I don’t have any substitute work so that I get running in…and it will help make sure I don’t sit on my ass all day either.

But I did go run today. I ran 2.13 miles on the trail. I had honestly planned to do 6, but I got a cramp in my side and it would just not go away. I barely made it back to my car!


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