veggies vs. sweets

I am not a huge veggie person. I refuse to eat a salad, but I’d eat everything a salad contains, if it’s included in another dish. I like lettuce in my tacos or on a sandwich, especially romaine (spinach, too, though I know that’s not lettuce). I like broccoli, peppers, and carrots in dishes, but not raw. (Except certain types of veggie pizza.) The only veggies I like on their own are corn, potatoes, and green beans (and two of those three are the worst veggies to eat).

Needless to say, my intake of veggies is not 3-4 servings a day. Usually I go without any at all, unless you count my drinking V8 VFusion (which I only drink to get something in the way of veggies in my diet).

On the other hand, I have a huge sweet tooth. I love cookies, brownies, cake, snack cakes, pastries and donuts. But, as diabetes runs in my family (3 of 4 grandparents), I know I should really be careful about my sugar intake.

So, my idea is this…

If I want to have something sweet, I have to (first!!) eat a vegetable 🙂
That will increase my veggie intake and as I don’t plan to have a serving of sweets for every serving of veggies, it should help cut back my inhale of the sweet stuff.


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