{2016} 11/366

WOD(s): Body Beast Build Shoulders
Food: I was ON POINT today! I really wanted to have a Clif Bar in the evening, but it was something I wanted, not needed, and I would only be “hungry” for an hour or two before bed. So I said no, and was so proud of myself.
Thoughts: Today was the first day of a challenge group I’m in, so my determination was obviously stronger than normal. I’m sure it’ll dwindle a bit, though I wish it wouldn’t. It seems right around a couple of weeks is when I “treat” myself and then it’s just completely downhill from there, so these next few days will be hard. Keeping my fingers crossed…

{2016} 10/366


WOD(s): 21 Day Fix Plyo & P90x Ab Ripper X
Food: I’m doing very well today. I’ve had healthy meals and snacks that all have a purpose (ie, they’re not just empty calories–they fulfill a serving of a good group). I did eat three Life Savers that were left over from my naughty day yesterday though 😕 But I’ve had lots of whole food the rest of the day, save for the few M&Ms that happen to be in the trail mix I make.
Thoughts: Today I was scheduled to do Body Beast Cardio & Abs. I really just didn’t feel like “getting huge” with Sagi, so I did the 21 Day Fix Plyo, which I’ve never done before, and the best ab workout I’ve ever done, P90x Ab Ripper X. The trade off was more than fair–I’m pretty sure what I ended up doing was harder than what I was supposed to do.

{2016} 9/366

WOD(s): Body Beast Build Back & Bis
Food: A little better today, but not much, I’m afraid…
Thoughts: I love that I can tell I’m getting stronger week to week. It might sound silly, but the last time I did Body Beast–when I only did about the first third of it–I had trouble cracking my own back. I like to think it’s because I’m getting more muscular, and it is happening again this round. Although that makes me wonder if I’m losing my flexibility. In which case, I think I’ll have to add in some yoga a day or two a week–not a full program’s worth, maybe just 20 minutes or so.

{2016} 8/366

WOD(s): Body Beast Build Legs
I went off the deep end tonight–I shouldn’t have, but I made a batch of frozen cookies. And then proceeded to eat half of them–I think it was about 10 :O
Thoughts: My legs were very tired during my workout, but I think they’ll recover quicker this time than last week. They only stopped hurting a couple of days ago–they can’t possibly be sore for 4 days after again…

{2016} 7/366

WOD(s): Body Beast Build Chest & Tris
Food: I made two good choices at Panera for lunch with a friend, and one bad one–I got the big chocolate chip cookie. I let Madi have some of it, but hardly enough to count. Just gotta behave the rest of the night…
Thoughts: Just like earlier this week, I was tired and didn’t feel like working out. So I didn’t put it off for too long, because I knew if I did that, then I wouldn’t get off my ass later to do it. Plus, Nick usually works out in the evening after Madi goes to bed (around 7p), but I never know when exactly. Well, usually, he puts it off too long and doesn’t end up doing it at all, if we’re being completely honest. Regardless, I’ve got it done. I really should get back into the first-thing-in-the-morning routine. It only got disrupted when Madi kept waking up every night so I was tired in the morning and wanted to catch up on the sleep I’d missed.

{2016} 6/366

WOD(s): Nothing 🙂 Today was my rest day, according to the Body Beast schedule. So I didn’t do anything.
Food: I ate more than I should’ve, but nothing very bad. Same stuff as the last few days, I just shouldn’t have eaten as much since I didn’t work out. Oh well…
Thoughts: I didn’t feel bad at all about taking my rest day truly as a rest day. Truth be told, I was quite busy most of the day. If I had needed to workout, I could’ve managed. But since I didn’t need to, I didn’t bother trying to squeeze anything in. And I don’t feel bad about that at all. Rest days are there for a reason!

{2016} 5/366


WOD(s): Body Beast Build Shoulders
Food: I think my meals will be a little off today because I had a snack at lunchtime and a snack after my workout. But I think it’ll last me until dinner time.
Thoughts: Glad I got my workout done when I did because, by the time I finished it, Madi had woken from her nap 2 hours early 😬 Glad tomorrow is a rest day. Whether I choose to rest or not is to be seen.